Re Homing A Pet

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Tips To Try First

  • Full and complete medical evaluation including but not limited to thyroid tests
  • Professional Training
  • Professional Behavorlist
  • Boarding
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Ask Breeder

Re Homeing a Pet

First, if your dog is from a breeder that breeder should take the dog back or assist in placing the dog. Even if you
moved and are now miles or thousands of miles from the breeder you need to let them know. Good breeders know
people, and know others who can assist you.

Please search within your self to keep the pet. If it's a behavior or training problem, or a reason such as allergies or
moving your pet may not need to be re homed if you truly want to keep  the pet. Please see the above link CAN WE
HELP KEEP YOUR PET to assist you in keeping the pet.

If your still going to re home the pet
Make sure your pet is altered. Re homing a intact pet is only condemning them
to a life of pure hell creating more and more litters that will eventually have to be destroyed. I mean if someone is
already re homing the one dog, why bring in more that are unwanted. FIX THE PET FIRST!

If you have a dog from a  breeder the breeder should take back the pet regardless of age, health or situation. Even
on mixed breeds and accidental litters. This is for the life of the pet, if this is not possible then please enlist the
assistance of a rescue group.

Vaccinations should be up to date. Many people are revising their vaccination protocol. You need to speak to your
vet and assist the risk of certain diseases and follow the advice of your vet. Rabies are required by law in many places
so you should have that taken care of. Remind the new owner about the license requirements of a pet. If you enlisted
the help of a shelter or rescue then find out their requirements as well.

Heartworm should be tested for and on prevention. And overall general health should be good. Have the
paperwork ready for potential new owners to look at and retrieve upon adoption.

Be honest about the situation. If there are behavioral or health issues you must present all this to any potential
owner. If you do not do this your pet can end up in a worse situation.

If you have an older pet you may want to consider putting the pet to sleep yourself. You have to think seriously
about the odds of an elderly pet finding a good home. Yes there are people out there who do adopt these animals. But
they are few and far between.  Is is much better and more humane on the pet for it to be gently put to sleep with the
family it knows and loves then to suffer the stress of a stranger or a shelter.

NEVER offer the pet for free. There are too many whacked out people who can pose as a good family and take your
pet and dismember it, torture it, sell it to a lab use it to try fight dogs or use it as snake food. Instead ask a small
adoption fee, this can be donated to a shelter/rescue. Also have an adoption application and interview. The weirdo's will
want to avoid that and it's well worth the time of finding your beloved pet a forever home good home.  

What can happen to a pet that is given free to a casual, uncommitted owner?

*Abandoned to the streets. This is the most likely scenario that occurs when an uncommitted owner tires of a pet. Street
animals suffer every day of their short lives. The end always comes painfully, either from violent trauma or from lingering

*Handed over to Animal Control and euthanized. People who do not take their responsibilities seriously always take the
easy way out!

*Marginally Owned.  The pet will not be cared for properly and is often allowed to roam the streets.

*Abused. The owner will not make the effort to properly train the animal. Often this leads to inappropriate responses
from the owner and abuse of the pet when it  "misbehaves".

Next,  be aware that there are dishonest people who routinely obtain animals for profit by fraudulently answering
To Good Home
" ads. They are usually very persuasive and friendly. They know all the "right" answers to your questions
because they do this sort of thing on a regular basis. Some may even bring their kids along to make you think they are
a loving family!

The most important thing you can do to discourage this kind of person is to charge an adoption fee!  This makes it
much more difficult for them to realize a profit so they will usually not bother contacting you.

What can happen to an animal if you let one of these con artists have it?

*Used to "live train" fighting dogs. The animal you expected to be a pet is used to bait a fighting dog and is literally torn
to pieces.

*Sold at Flea Markets or Auctions to anybody who happens along. Most of the time these animals are neglected, kept in
cramped, unsanitary conditions and often become sick and diseased.

*Sold to a Class-B Dealer who then resells the animal to a research facility. People who practice the  despicable act of
rounding up strays to sell them are referred to as "Bunchers".   At the research facility, the animal may suffer abuse and
most likely will be euthanized after they are finished with it.

*Used for breeding stock in a
"Puppy Mill". The living conditions in most of these establishments are deplorable. Bitches
have continuous litters, one after the another.

*Used as live food or bait for exotics like snakes or alligators.

*Sacrificed in cult rituals. Some people find this hard to believe, but the FBI has many files documenting this kind of
activity in our country.

I do not take to re homing pets lightly.  For me I think it is atrocious that someone would consider re homing a family
member. That said I understand that there are times when it needs to be done. But you must step into the world of the
pet overpopulation. With literally millions of adoptable pets destroyed daily why would someone want yours?

This is an age of disposable goods. Things that make us feel good for instant satisfaction, then are discarded in the
trash without a 2nd thought. If something looses a button it's thrown out and replacement is bought. Animals are not
goods and should not be treated as such.

Shelters were created to assist in housing the lost, abused and neglected. It was not created to take in peoples throw
away animals and problems. Although I strongly feel that the shelter is a better alternative then giving the animal to a
lab or snake food or a fighting ring, this pet is YOUR responsibility and yours only. No one is casting this animal away
but yourself. If you honestly can not look deep inside to work this out then at least re home the animal in a responsible

And last, please do not get another pet until the responsibility and commitment is there.

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Tips To Rehome a Pet

Tips to help avoid a bad new home.
*Have an adoption application. You can get on from any shelter or rescue or on the net. Have potential
adopters complete one, have it in your advertisement for a new home. This weeds out undesirable people.

* Ask and adoption fee. This fee can cover shots, spay or neuter. It can be donated to the shelter or even
returned upon a year of new ownership.

*Take the pet to the new home, don't let them pick up the new pet. This way you can make sure the home is
safe and the adopters are not lying.

*Have the pet altered before leaving you.

*Have a contract signed. You can have the new adopters sign a contract stating the pet will be returned to you
if they cannot keep the pet and the pet will be cared for.

*Enlist the assistance of a shelter or rescue. They will do everything above, you just need to be a temporary
foster home to your pet while they find it a home. Plus you will need to bring the pet to adoption days. Each
shelter/rescue is different please check them.


Barry Herbeck In Waupun, Wisconsin, Barry Herbeck, " received" a 12-year prison term for animal abuse in May of

In February of 1997, police found the bodies of five cats and one dog in Herbeck’s home.  Poor little Nellie was one of
the cats who was found.  Nellie’s body was found with her rectum stretched to 1.5 inches in size (caused by Herbeck
sodomizing her), both of her back legs were broken, her neck was broken and she had severe abdominal injuries.  The
other four cats, Morris, Butterball, Monkey and Harley were dead, with their eyes bulging from strangulation, and they
had broken bones, jaws and necks.

Herbeck admitted to sodomizing, torturing and killing Nellie, and torturing and killing Morris, Butterball, Monkey and

Nikko, an 8-month old German Shepherd puppy, was found in a garbage container, her mouth and nose taped shut with
duct tape.  Poor Nikko remained in the container for a week, crying and whimpering, until, finally, there was silence.  
Nikko had urinated on the rug, and this was her punishment. Herbeck admitted to the murder of Nikko.
The Rock County District Attorney dropped animal cruelty charges against Barry Herbeck for the torture and killing of
Nikko. The Rock County District Attorney dropped the charges against Barry Herbeck for the sodomizing and murder of
poor Nellie.

Herbeck procured his victims by answering “Free to Good Home” ads, sometimes with his children.  He claimed that he
wants to give the animals a good home.  He even pretended that his son was heartbroken over the loss of his 14 year
old cat.  In reality, Herbeck was obtaining these animals to torture and kill them.  Herbeck reportedly told police that he
punched the cats, twisted their necks and threw them against a wall until they died to relieve his pent-up anger.  Rock
County Humane Society official, Cheryl Silha, reviewed veterinarian reports on the dead animals and said the animals
had been tortured.  And these animals were tortured and abused over and over and died a slow death.   

Herbeck pleaded no contest to five counts of mistreatment leading to the death of an animal and one count of
possession of a firearm as a felon.  In exchange for a "no contest" plea, the Rock County District Attorney agreed to ask
for a reduced sentence for Barry Herbeck and he dropped the charges against Herbeck for killing Nikko.

Herbeck is also a convicted pedophile and served time for first degree sexual assault of his then 6-year-old

Barry Herbeck was up for parole on July 3, 2001.His parole was denied.

The Wisconsin Parole Commission received hundreds of letters and a signed petition!

He is scheduled for mandatory release in 2006. However, cannot seek parole for another 2 years!

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